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Erik Nording Shorty (Black) Pipe

Erik Nording Shorty (Black) Pipe

Erik Nording Shorty (Black) Pipe

Price: 21.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Erik Nording Shorty (Black) Pipe

About this range...
Shorty stone filter pipes by Erik Nording all have white porcelain bowl with a tobacco chamber that can contain the same amount of tobacco as in a cigarette and can be smoked for approx. 20 minutes (a short smoke).
With a black mouthpiece on each pipe which compliments a choice of Black, Pink, Turquoise and Pistachio body. This pipe is a filter pipe where the body part has space for adding the filter stones. Simply place 10 to 15 filter stones pellets into the spiral chamber, mount the porcelain pipe bowl and fill it with tobacco. After smoking, allow the pipe to cool down, empty the ashes from the pipe bowl and the used keystones from the spiral chamber.
Shorty is a true filter stones pipe and comes with a box of high absorbing clay pellets that ensure a dry cool smoke.

"Wherever life takes you, take it with you."

Shorty Filter Stones...
These unique high absorbing filter stones are made of volcanic clay that is found exclusively in the Limfjord region of Denmark. These innovative bowl filters can be used in any pipe for a dry, cool smoke with no tobacco wasted.

About this ERIK NORDING pipe...

Shape - Unique
Stem - Acrylic
Mouthpiece - Fishtail
Finish - Textured
Filter - Yes, Shorty filter stones

The dimensions...

Overall length - 120mm
Bowl height - 35mm
Smoking chamber diameter - 15mm
Weight in grams - 49g