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Pipe Tobacco Pouch Humidification Tube B-Humy ECO

Pipe Tobacco Pouch Humidification Tube B-Humy ECO

Pipe Tobacco Pouch Humidification Tube B-Humy ECO

Price: 18.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Pipe Tobacco Pouch Humidification Tube B-Humy ECO

A humidification system that guarantees to keep your tobacco or cigars at optimum freshness.

The body of the B-Humy ECO is made from plexiglass, therefore the radiating surface is reduced and limited to only the two briar wood plugs providing a slower more effective natural humidification. The plexiglass also allows you to check the water level easily.

The briar in nature terms is the plants water tank. It grows just below the terrain level in environments that are extremely damp in the winter season and very parched in the summer season. The briar smartly stores and releases water as needed.

The B-humy ECO releases mico-droplets of water through the briar plugs that penetrate into the tobacco easier, providing a gradual constant natural humidification. The reason for this is simple, tobacco leaves and briar are two natural vegetal elements, composed of cells that have 'approximately' the same absorption or release rate, they basically speak the same language.

For cigar enthusiasts, the b-humy has a positive effect on the cigars' flavor quality and prevents micro-fissures that occur in leaves when they are over-humidified or reconditioned. You'll see for yourself that the tobacco leaves will have time to recover back to it's natural elasticity without breaking.

Care for your B-Humy ECO...

B-Humy must be filled with TAP WATER! It is absolutely advised against using distilled or demineralised water, since it would damage the wood.
Being wood it is organic and distilled water will dehydrate and cause damage.

DO NOT use propylene glycol or any other kind of liquid for humidors, they will damage and clog the briar pores making the humidor completely useless.

It is possible that the first time you use your B-Humy ECO, the water inside may turn reddish. This is absolutely normal. It?s just a few tannin residues typical of Briar itself, and will not affect your tobacco in any way. On the contrary, they somehow slow down the generation of mold.

It is advisable not to leave your B-Humy in a stale closed environment for long periods of time. It?s best to open your humidor, tobacco jar or pouch every few days to allow the air to circulate.

That being said, it's time to enjoy your new B-Humi ECO.

The dimensions...

Length 67mm
Height 20mm
Width 20mm
Weight in grams 9g Approx.

A little about B-Humy...

Claudio Albieri and Gabriele Dal Fiume are master craftsmen from Italy. Claudio is a designer and works in the leather industry. He prides his work on innovative free hand designs whilst incorporating classic styles.

Back in 2013 Claudio was looking for an independent humidification system that was unique, beautiful yet most of all functional to be sold with his creations. He searched for months and found nothing. Then one smokey night accompanied by a whiskey and his good friend Gabriele, he spoke about his quest to find the best humidification for tobacco and cigars. Gabriele who is a pipe maker was immediately interested and a few days later came back with the solution. "Why not use briar" a natural product with excellent qualities. From that point the ideas were flowing and the two craftsmen joined in harmony and started the company known today as

Thanks to all this, they guarantee original products, totally hand-made and
"Made in Italy"