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Stanwell Trio Brown Polished (No 12/9) Briar Pipe

Stanwell Trio Brown Polished (No 12/9) Briar Pipe

Stanwell Trio Brown Polished (No 12/9) Briar Pipe

Price: 79.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Stanwell Trio Brown Polished (No 12/9) Briar Pipe

These are individual speciality Stanwell pipes, therefore the pipe shown in the pictures is the actual pipe you will receive.

Stanwell, the last great Danish pipe makers owned today by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, moved their production to Italy in 2010. They are well known for their expertise in sandblasting and unique shapes, which along with excellent crafting and materials, make them highly sought after pieces.

About this STANWELL pipe...

Shape - 12/9
Stem - Black Vulcanite
Mouthpiece - Fishtail
Finish - Smooth
Filter - No

The dimensions...

Overall length - 140mm
Bowl height - 50mm
Smoking chamber diameter - 18mm
Weight in grams - 51g


Founded in 1942 by Poul Nielsen, a Dane with a passion for making pipes. The lack of Briar due to WWII forced him to use Beech for his Danish customers but by 1948 he was sourcing briar and turning his focus to the English market.

His passion was such that the company name changed from Nielsen to Stanwell as he thought this a more English sounding name and around this time he created the Stanwell logo, so easily recognised by pipe smokers world wide.

Today Stanwells are no longer made at the purpose built factory in Baroup near to Copenhagen. Production has moved to Italy whose long history of pipe making has complemented the Danish ability to produce a good reliable hand made pipe at an affordable price.

To this day Stanwell pipes are innovative, unique in design and offer pure smoking pleasure.