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Dunhill International - 20 King Size Cigarettes

Dunhill International - 20 King Size Cigarettes

Dunhill International - 20 King Size Cigarettes

Price: 11.26 (Including VAT at 20%)

Dunhill International - 20 King Size Cigarettes

These cigarettes are known worldwide as a luxury premium brand. Golden colored tobacco and a subtle taste of plum extract provides you with a perfect taste. These cigarettes would be perfect when you need some time to escape and relax. The cigarette is slow burning due to the stick which is larger than the average one. It is definitely an ideal option for a social cigarette.

Do you know what is common between such people as Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy and Rockefeller? They all preferred smoking Dunhill. It is a luxury cigarette brand produced by the prestigious British American Tobacco company.

Although the cigarette packaging has changed the cigarettes within are the same.

In March 2015 The EEC voted for standardised tobacco packaging.
This means that the appearance of all cigarettes, hand rolling packs, pipe tobacco packs and all tobacco leaf containing products will be standardised.
This includes:
The material, size, shape and opening mechanism of packaging; The colour of packaging and cigarettes; The font, colour, size, case and alignment of text.

Cigarettes packets will no longer provide you with information of Tar, Nicotine or Carbon Monoxide contained within.

History of Dunhill cigarettes

This brand was founded in 1893 by Alfred Dunhill. Initially, the company specialised on luxury car accessories. At the beginning of the 20th century Alfred Dunhill decided to move into the tobacco business. He opened a tobacco, pipe and cigar store on Duke Street in London. Later, in 1910 a pipe factory was opened as well. Apart from tobacco production the brand's line was expanded to include leather goods, menswear, writing instruments, timepieces, men's jewellery, gifts and games.

In 1993 this brand became a part of Richmond, the prestigious leading luxury goods group. In 2011 Dunhill had 5 main retail regions: the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and China. Nowadays this brand has over 3,500 wholesale points of sale and 220 stores around the world. What's more, the brand has 4 global "residences" in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

We apologise to all our international customers that we cannot ship cigarettes outside of the UK.
All our non-tobacco products are unaffected.